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Claire Bohman;    Herbal Chaplain


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Herbal Consultations and Spiritual Care


Herbal Medicine

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Workshops, Worship, and Social Justice



Introductory Special

Until the fall passes to the winter and the light begins returning to the north, I am offering an introductory special for all new clients. Contact me before Imbolc or February 2, 2014 for a 30 min phone consultation to strategize about herbal support and practices to guide you towards healing. Now is the time to commit to your health!

Contact Claire now for a FREE 30 min consultation!!


Before western medicine, people of all continents turned to the world around them and nature to find healing. Today, we live in a time of great challenge and great change. Our earth is rapidly transforming as a result of over consumption and human greed. Some humans thrive while many more suffer. We as a species are out of balance with the earth and are out of balance with each other.


As an Herbal Chaplain, I believe that moving towards right relationship with the earth and right relationship with each other is a critical step towards all healing. I offer 1 on 1 healing services that focus on the whole person in body, mind, and spirit. Through my classes and community building work, I seek to create spaces to help bring people closer to right relationship with each other and the land.