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Like water flows over the earth through rivers and streams, energy flows through our bodies.  When leaves and debris pile, a river can become clogged and backed up blocking the flow and preventing water from moving freely.

Are you struggling with physical, emotional, or spiritual health challenges that are connected with an imbalance in your energy flow?  Are you seeking support in your healing journey through herbal medicine?  Do you have a physical health challenge and have already explored different modalities of healing and are seeking council on how to incorporate herbs into your healing.

Perhaps you feel out of balance in your emotional well being.  Do you suffer from fatigue, depression, emotional instability or high levels of stress?  Maybe you feel like your physical health challenges are impacting your emotional health and you would like supportive council and herbal medicine to get you through this time of emotional difficulty.

Contact Claire about Spiritual Counseling

Contact Claire about Spiritual Counseling

Or maybe you are in the midst of a spiritual crisis. Are you struggling to connect with the sacred in the face of a world filled with pain, oppression, and suffering?  Through my spiritual counseling services, I utilize my training as a clergy person to support  you to connect with meaning and mystery in the face of great challenge.  Divorce, death of a loved one, miscarriage, infertility,  job loss, trauma, and soul sickness are all times when we experience some of the darkest nights of our lives, but they are often also times of  great spiritual growth.  I can incorporate my training as a certified herbalist into my spiritual counseling work and we can explore ways that your plant allies can support you through this painful time.

Spiritual Counseling can also be helpful if you are looking to deepen you spiritual practice and would like support on this path.  Establishing a daily practice is always difficult in the beginning and having some extra support during this time can go a long way in developing a sustainable practice.  Perhaps you feel solid on your path already and are looking for support around discerning your life’s purpose or calling.  Spiritual counseling or mentorship can be a wonderful tool to go deeper on your journey with spirit.


What to expect for an Herbal Consultation

Your first session with me involves a process of questioning about your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  It usually takes 1 1/2- 3 hours and the questions are designed to help me understand you better and also to support you in finding the path towards balance that lies within.

After our first session, I will spend some time meditating with the plants to compose an herbal formula tailored to support your inherent health wisdom.  In addition to herbal medicine, I may make suggestions to changes in your lifestyle and/or diet.

After 6 weeks, we will generally have a follow up session which can last 45mins to an hour.  At that point we will reassess your health and healing and I will readjust your formula will be if needed.


What to expect for Spiritual Counseling:

Your first session will involve a process of getting to know each other to see if we are a good fit.  We will explore current spiritual challenges you are facing and discuss ways that short term spiritual counseling may be helpful.  It may make sense to meet at my office or it may make more sense for me to meet you in the hospital or in your home.   We will discuss what kind of meeting schedule makes sense and plan accordingly.




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I am committed to my practice being accessible to people of all different economic backgrounds.  If this scale feels inaccessible, please contact me and we can discuss rates and/or trade for services.