Nature Immersive

IMG_2187Do you remember when you turned 18? Do you remember the ensuing years? What were those years of shifting from teenager to adult like for you? Did you have older adults around you to offer support and guidance as you stumbled into adulthood? Did you have ceremony to honor this shift in your life?

For too many of us the answers to these questions are filled with a lack of guidance from adults. Modern industrial civilization tends to place little emphasis on ritual to mark life transitions. Rarely do most teenagers have the opportunity to honor this transition in the context of community and ritual. Did you have opportunities like these? Can you imagine how things might have been different for you if you had been able to honor this life transition in the presence of the sacred and the context of community?

Delving deep into the wilds, into nature with its many forms, names, and intricacies, has been part of the Rite of Passage from childhood to adulthood for millennia. The experience of moving beyond the structure and confines of our daily lives calls to a deeper, timeless, and evolutionary truth that exists within each of us. Are you a young person interested in ceremonially honoring your transition into adulthood? Then you are invited into the wild, to push your own edges, and allow your future self to come into presence.

HikingThis Summer Claire “Chuck” Bohman and Jason Scarecrow will be offering a “Nature Immersive” week long intensive for Young Adults (18-25). We are currently asking for donations to be able to offer scholarships to low income young adults. Can you help support these efforts? You can make a tax-deductible donation and support young folks having access to ceremony to honor their transition into adulthood. Simply click on the Donate button below and you will be redirected to PayPal. ┬áPlease put Nature Immersive in the notes when you make the donation.

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