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What People are saying about Claire’s Services…

“When I was hospitalized for very serious surgical complications, Claire brought ceremony, prayer, herbs and literally opened the windows to let in the light in what was a very dark and scary time for me. I have no doubt that her healing talents played a vital role in my recovery. She combined her knowledge of herbs with her strong connection to Spirit and through it all, carried herself with humor and humility, encouraging me to return to my empowered authentic self. It is with deep gratitude and total confidence that I recommend Claire to you.”     ~Eddy, Teacher


“Claire brings a very grounded, even practical, energy to her spiritual practice which is a fantastic compliment to the depth of her connection with spirit, and her ability to access that connection.  Because of that potent combination, working with Claire has helped me access my own deep spiritual connection, which has been very healing.”                                ~Brenna, Attorney


“I have had the opportunity to receive individual healing through herbal consultation from Claire. Because she held the session with an open heart, I was able to trust that I could share my whole Self and therefore, move toward healing all my parts”                                                                                                                                                                                ~Julie, Writer

“I was having severe stomach issues that were more of a domino effect from stress as opposed to something wrong with the organ itself.  This made the actual diagnosis a challenge.  Claire talked me through the symptoms and gave me a multi-recommendation plan.  She helped me out tremendously.  She takes the metaphysical counseling very seriously and was able to talk me through some of the bigger issues that were the source of the discomfort. I must also sing praises over her mosquito repellent. Not only does it smell fantastic, it moisturizes my skin, isn’t toxic and effectively keeps the bugs at bay.

~Christine, Marketing Manager

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“Claire has clearly integrated her vast array of life experiences and spiritual teachings into a strong foundation for her services. She brings a unique and vibrant spirit to her synthesis of activism and healing work, and is creating many beautiful offerings for others.

I have experienced Claire’s ability to support people to become deeply grounded and centered in themselves. She has a strong connection to the earth, which shines through in her commitment to environmental stewardship and social justice. Claire helped me find clarity about my intentions and desires, and offered powerful insight and wisdom for my spiritual path. She has a remarkable ability to listen deeply and mirror back a person’s deep truths. I have also witnessed her bring this insight to community in graceful and supportive ways.

Additionally, I have the pleasure of using a variety of Claire’s herbal medicine, all of which nourish my body and spirit in a delightful way. She puts a lot of love and magic into her medicine, and somehow manages to make everything taste and smell delicious.

I would highly recommend working with Claire in plant healing, counseling, and ceremonial services.”

~Rev. Elizabeth, Minister


“Claire is an absolute wonder. Her ability to articulate what’s really true on many levels exemplifies the essence of what it means to be holistic — she speaks to the mind, the heart, and the spirit with clarity, grace, and simplicity. She truly knows her stuff, and can share it in a way that helps make our day to day lives, with their big and small challenges, easier and more beautiful at the same time.”                                                                                                                                                                              ~Rebecca, Priestess, Teacher, and Healer