Trans Spiritual Care

I am very excited to announce that I am currently fundraising to support the Trans Spiritual Care  Initiative.  Did you know that over 50% of Trans people report having to educate their providers  about trans healthcare needs?  Over 1 out of 4 Trans people report experiencing harassment or  assault in healthcare settings. The TSCI is an effort led by Sojourn Chaplaincy to improve care for  some of the most marginalized people in our communities through educating Chaplains, Clergy  and healthcare providers around gender diversity.

In this increasing hostile climate against  Transgender and Gender Variant people, efforts like these are even more critical.  The Trans Spiritual Care Initiative is leading the way in reaching across differences and building allies in the faith community.  There’s an amazing team of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Clergy and Spiritual Leaders who are leading these training and we need your support to help get the word out about this project.

Currently, I have access to a matching grant Every dollar that you donate to the TSCI through my website will be TRIPLED!  My goal is to raise $5,000 for this project!  Can you give, even $1 , to help me meet this goal?

If you want to to utilize the matching grant, you must give to me directly.  You can do this through my paypal page. If you don’t like or don’t use Paypal, you can donate through Venmo @Clairebo or you can mail me a check (email me for address If you would like to donate to the project directly without the matching grant, please click here.