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Honoring the Waters on World Water Day


Today is world water day.  The International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers gather in Arizona today in ceremony with thousands of people to pray for the waters.  They have called for an honoring of the waters and asked us to gather in ritual to give thanks for the waters.


On this day when people across the world are gathering to honor the waters, I invite you to consider ways in which you are grateful for water.  Is there something you are called to do on this day to give thanks for the waters that keep you alive?


Below are the words and invitations of the Grandmothers on this day:


As a means of sisterhood, motherhood, and womanhood, please join the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers with strong beautiful prayers being held all around the world by many for the healing of our waters, our Mother Earth and humanity.
We thank all those who join us as we pray for the life of water for our future generations.

  • Prepare a bowl of clean water or stand beside a body of water.
  • Please pray for the water in apology (for polluting and disrespect. Then offer prayers of love, gratitude and respect.
  • Hold both of your hands toward the water, from your heart your energy will be projected into the water through your hands. (you can close your eyes during this process)
  • Please intend that the vibrations, which now fill the water will spread to the waters all over our Mother Earth.
  • You may also add your own prayer to the water, meditation, chanting, music, songs, dancing, and so on intending the same purpose.
  • Each person can bring a bottle of their drinking water, and when the ceremony is complete – each one will pour a little bit of the drinking water on their hand, with a loving thought, sprinkle the water away from you (as in spreading Seeds), then drink the water, with a feeling of gratitude.

For more information visit www.inthenameofthemother.net
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