Listen to my interview on the Herbal Highway in a conversation with guest host Emiliano Lemus about plants for the fall season in all its connections to death, dying, the ancestors, Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos and more.  Here I talk about everything from plant magic in connection with the ancestors and the death to the physical dying process and how to support someone in this transition with plant medicine.


Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community

If you are a budding witch and want to learn more about how to combat racism in Pagan circles, give this book a read.  I was honored to be a contributor in this collection of writings of dozens of incredibly powerful justice rooted witches when it was published in 2015.

Elements of Magic: Reclaiming Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit

I am honored to be published in this book with a number of kick ass Reclaiming witches in Elements of Magic  This book came out in 2018 and includes a myrid of spells, rituals and instruction in basic magic.  This books draws on the core curriculum of the Elements of Magic course, the foundational class in earth based spiritual practice in the Reclaiming tradition.  My contributions in this book were a delightful magical co-creation with Riyanna Sang, a colleague with whom I have co-taught a number of magical classes and workshops over the years.

Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries

Drag queen magic, Inclusive witchcraft, and magic for healing and survival. Gender transition in Rome, possession practices, and DIY divination. Social justice, queer black tantra, and polarity beyond gender. Honoring ancestors, fluidity of consciousness, and reimagining the Great Rite. Queer sex magic, power sigils, deities that reflect diversity. My piece focuses on spiritual practices to support activism and social justice work.

Coping with the Loss of a Library Patron: A Call to Medical Libraries

Here’s the Abstract for this Academic Article I am a co-creator of for the Journal Of Hospital Librarinship: Our small hospital library staff was shocked and saddened to learn of the death of one of our regular patrons, someone who embodied the societal struggles that our safety net patients face daily. After searching the library literature and seeking guidance from colleagues in medical libraries, we discovered that there is a lack of literature and communal discussion about this topic in our field. By sharing our experience with the process of grieving and celebrating our patron’s life, we hope to begin this conversation within our profession and encourage other library workers to share similar stories and experiences.

Guided Meditations

These practices are ones that I have integrated into my daily practice to support balance and wellness.  Recorded in 2009, I share them with you in hopes that these practices may bring you healing and connection with the earth and your power.

Grounding Practice

This practice draws from my training in earth based spiritual traditions.   This 12 minute exercise walks listeners through a practice of connecting with the earth, the heavens, and the present moment.  Grounding is a key piece of most earth based ceremonies and a part of the daily practice of many practitioners of earth based spirituality.

Sheilding Practice

This practice draws from my training as an energetic herbalist.  This 9 minute exercise walks listeners through a practice of creating an energetic filter or container of reflection that increases our ability to be present in the face of challenges.  This practice can be especially helpful when we are not feeling at “our best” and/or feeling susceptible and drawn into to the energy around us.  I have found this practice to be particularly helpful before potentially tense political demonstrations and would encourage folks involved with social justice work to consider incorporating this practice into their mornings before heading into the streets.