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On this page, I share two exercises drawing from my training as an herbalist and my experience as a practitioner of earth based spirituality for over 25 years.  These practices are ones that I have integrated into my daily practice to support health and balance.  I share them with you in hopes that these practices may bring you healing and connection with the earth and your power.


Grounding Practice

This practice draws from my training in earth based spiritual traditions.   This 12 minute exercise walks listeners through a practice of connecting with the earth, the heavens, and the present moment.  Grounding is a key piece of most earth based ceremonies and a part of the daily practice of many practitioners of earth based spirituality.


Sheilding Practice

This practice draws from my training as an energetic herbalist.  This 9 minute exercise walks listeners through a practice of creating an energetic filter or container of reflection that increases our ability to be present in the face of challenges.  This practice can be especially helpful when we are not feeling at “our best” and/or feeling susceptible and drawn into to the energy around us.  I have found this practice to be particularly helpful before potentially tense political demonstrations and would encourage folks involved with social justice work to consider incorporating this practice into their mornings before heading into the streets.