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Giving Back

Have you ever taken Goldenseal when you were sick?  Perhaps you’ve heard that Black Cohosh is good for hot flashes.  Maybe you’ve enjoyed some American Ginseng as a tonic or taken Osha when you had a cough.


But did you know that these and many other popular herbs are endangered and at risk of becoming extinct?  The resurgence of popularity of herbalism has been wonderful for the healing of millions across the world.  However, destruction of old growth forests, tactics like mountaintop removal for the extraction of coal, and over development have threatened the habitat of many endangered plants.  As if that wasn’t enough, the rise in popularity in use of many of these endangered herbs has led to over harvesting.


Black Cohosh beginning to bloom


As a herbal practitioner, I believe that  the life and livelihood of these plants is a critical part of our life and livelihood as humans.  I promise that I will not use endangered plants in your formula unless they are organically grown or as a last resort.  I believe that all healing involves an exchange.  And so I am committed to giving 5% of the proceeds of each visit to the preservation of native plants and their habitat.

The United Plant Savers is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to protecting native plants of the United States and their habitat.


For more information about the United Plant Savers and for a list of endangered and at risk medicinal plants, please check out the United Plant Savers website.