Are you looking for a beautiful wedding ceremony that reflects you and your partners understanding of the sacred?  Are you bringing together families of different traditions and calling in a ceremony where the whole family feels welcomed?  Are you dreaming of a ceremony that is connected with the earth and the divine energies of the world? Or are you looking for a ceremony that is not religious at all?  Perhaps you have a very clear vision for the ceremony and are looking for a legal officiant who can walk you through the process.

Through my wedding services, I offer unique marriage ceremonies tailored to the distinct needs of you and your families. I bring with me a unique set of skills, training, and experience to support you in developing the perfect wedding ceremony that incorporates your beliefs and traditions.

I seek to support you and your fiance in creating a wedding ceremony that is reflective of the love that you are weaving together through your partnership.  Contact me here to begin a conversation about your ceremony or go to my wedding services website for more information.