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Spring Flowers

IMG_5549IMG_5548Spring has made it to California.

The snows are melting and at lower elevations, the flowers are beginning to bloom.  The potent vitality of the springtime is upon us and the landscape is littered with colorful expressions of fertility from Berkeley to Chico.

In the bay area, the vibrant oranges of the California poppy emerges from the cracks in the sidewalks and the ceanothus is shimmering it’s beautiful indigo flowers for all to see.

IMG_5791IMG_5830In the hills, the forget-me-nots are singing their songs of remembrance alongside the nettles and milk thistle emerging from the soil.

Further out, the hills of Chico are alive with reds, yellows, purples and oranges.  Higher up in the mountains, there’s just the beginning of spring as the first little flowers of the season begin to emerge.

Flowers have powerful medicine.  They are the the reproductive organs of the plant and produce the seeds of life that most often bring forth next generation of life of that plant.  They call forth pollinators with their beauty and through their sweet aroma draw to them the beings that will carry their pollen to other plants and bring the fertility they need to enable reproduction.

IMG_5820For many generations, healers have been making essences with flowers capturing the transient energy of the peak moments of fertility of plants through their flowering.  These essences contain both the medicine of the plants and the life giving healing and creative spirit of the fertile blossoms of these plants.

IMG_5881I have been working with flower essences for many years now and never cease to be amazed at the potency and power of their medicines.

I have found that using flower essences alongside herbs that bring physical healing can be a powerful way to approach healing.  As I have wandered the hills this springtime, admiring the beauty of the flowers, meditating with the plants, and making flower essences, I have felt the healing potency of simply stopping and smelling the flowers.

IMG_5817As the springtime blossoms all around us, I invite you to take a walk among the flowers.  Listen for a flower that is calling to you.  Stop and sit with this flower.  Listen.  Is there wisdom that this plant is trying to give to you?  Is there something inside your heart that is longing to blossom as you sit with this wise teacher?  You’re never too busy to stop and smell the flowers.

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Want to do deeper with the plants?  Join me this Friday April 18 for a plant spirit walk in Tilden Park in Berkeley, CA.  Join with other plant lovers for a hike and plant meditations.  We will be listening to the plants through plant and flower essences.  Want to fine tune your understanding of plant medicine next to flower essences.  This is a great opportunity to deepen your skills!  Click here to register today!

“Bread feeds the body, indeed but flowers feed the soul”  ~Qur’an

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