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Sacred Intention Setting in the New Year


It’s January 1, 2014.  The first day of the Gregorian New Year.  This is a day where across the West, people are waking up making resolutions to themselves to shift something in their lives.  Many people decide that they are going to exercise more, meditate regularly, eat better, do their homework on time, go to church, spend more time with their kids, and so on.  All to often these resolutions fade into the past as the excitement of the new year fades into the regularity of our daily lives.


I know I’ve made many a resolutions that have fallen to the wayside before February rolled around.  Have you?


New Moon ImageThis year, our western New Year falls on the same day as a new moon.  This makes today an especially potent time to make the shifts in our lives that is needed.  I have always loved New Moon magic.  It’s a potent time when the moon’s energy is shrouded in the shadow of the earth.  There is much that is possible during the dark moon.  For generations herbalists and farmers across the land have known that seeds planted under a dark moon grow more abundantly than seeds planted at any other time.  What are the seeds in your life that you would like to plant that are only possible during this dark moon?


On top of it being the new year and the new moon, this moon is also a “supermoon” which means that the moon is closer to earth than it is 90% of the time.  This adds even more energy to magical intention setting on this day.  For those of you who are herbalists and/or medicine makers, today is a particularly potent day to create medicine.  I will be working on developing a new self-love body butter today as I am feeling today’s energy as particularly potent in calling in new patterns around self-love, self-care, and community care.


During this time of new beginnings and a powerful new moon, I invite you to find some quite time to yourself.  If it is warm enough, you may want to set intentions outside or you may just take some time to connect with the moons energy before you begin.  You might also try to find a spot indoors where you can see the moon through a window.  Create sacred space in whatever way feels resonate for you.  This can be as formal or informal as you feel called.  You may want to cast a circle or light a candle or burn some herbs that support you in connecting with the sacred.  Take the time that you need to create a connection with energies that feel larger than yourself.


From this place of connection, I invite you to sit and reflect on the year past.  Begin with looking back on December and imagine yourself walking back through the months of 2013.  What were the actions and energies that supported your life and growth?  What were the actions and energies that blocked you from transformation and empowerment?  What were the energies that brought you closer in relationship to the land and in connection with others?  What were the energies and actions that served to separate you from connection?  Take as much time as you need with this reflective process.  You may find that strong emotions or tears come up as you walk through the past year.  I invite you to allow those emotions to flow as they can guide your work in moving forward if they are allowed to flow.


seedlingWhen it feels right, I invite you to shift towards looking forward.  From this place of connection with the wisdom of the year past, what are the intentions that you would like to set for the year to come?  Once you feel that you have found the words for your intentions, I invite you to write them down on a piece of paper.  If you are artistically inclined, you may want to create a piece of art that encompasses these intentions.  Then I invite you to charge some seeds with your intention.   To charge seeds with an intention, take the seeds in your hand and allow your energy to run into them as you envision yourself living your intention.  You may want to speak the intention out loud as a chant or a song as you are charging the seeds.  After you feel that the energy has shifted and your intention is connected with the seeds, I invite you to plant them in your garden under the moonlight (if you live in a temperate area) or create a starter plant that you can keep indoors and tend to until it is warm enough to plant in the ground.


You might consider creating an later for the seedling with your written intention placed visibly so that you can see it when you can reconnect with that intention.  If you would like to keep your intention more private, you can fold up the paper and place it under the pot.  Each day that you water the seedling, you have the opportunity to reconnect with your intentions and refocus on your journey towards balance, healing, and connection.


You can get as elaborate or as simple with this ritual as you want.  There’s a lot of room for flexibility in matters of the sacred.  What is important is that it feels right for you, so I invite you to shift or change this ritual in ways that support it in feeling more resonate with your understanding of the mysterious energies in the universe.


May this time of new beginnings bring you peace, balance, healing and joy.

Blessed Be.


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